Hi, I'm Sabien Byrd. Welcome to my realm and world of art, music, and Forex Trading!!!

Sabien Byrd's Bio:

Sabien Byrd is a surrealistic Artist and a Musician. He uses the mediums of ink, colored pencil, and acrylic paint to produce exotic artworks. Sabien Byrd is also a rock and roll guitar player. His music is diverse and moving. Sabien Byrd also founded a metal band in the 90's called "Melodic Nebulosity." He was the main song writer, playing both lead and rhythm guitar as well as bass guitar. Sabien Byrd is also a residential painter and craftsman with many useful skills. Art and painting go hand in hand for Sabien Byrd. In more recent times, Sabien Byrd has become a Forex Trader and Entrepreneur. He is currently a member of a legacy company that provides what is known as auto-trading whereby a team of highly skilled, licensed and regulated professional traders earn him substantial passive income which will very soon make it possible for him to retire from the world of labor. This company that Sabien is involved with also offers an amazing compensation plan that is unmatched by any other company anywhere. By sharing this opportunity with others, Mr. Byrd is helping to change the lives of many people by getting their financial situations in order in these uncertain times. Sabien Byrd loves to help other people and loves animals as well. He also has an extensive knowledge of plants and plant based medicine. You might say that Sabien Byrd is a jack of all trades.

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Sabien Byrd's Interests & Activities:

Sabien Byrd loves the outdoors as well as playing music, and producing artwork. He is very fond of mountain hiking and exploration. He is involved in many projects that include residential painting, art production, metal smithing, Forex Trading, investment opportunities, and custom clothing. Sabien Byrd is a very skilled martial artist as well. Sabien Byrd is a big fan of the Truth of the Bible and history. Sabien E. Byrd enjoys the painting of homes, as well as clothing, hats, jackets, etc. Sabien Byrd creates artistic jewelry pieces and applies them to custom made Israelite clothing styles. He will be retiring from the construction industry this year at the young age of 46 due to his involvement in the Forex Market by leveraging his Bitcoin in auto-trading.